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Apr 18, 2001

Community empowerment projects in Slamatpura Lahore by U.E.T students

Salamatpura union council 40 is in the east of the Lahore city near Shalimar Garden. G.T road is passed to Wagha Border bisecting the union council 40 of Salamatpura. The project given by the university to us was to involve the community to judge the problems and and potential solutions. The course instructor had taught us 14 community involvement methods from which we had to chose three methods which we could do in a well and managed way. So we had chosen 3 methods:
1- Briefing Workshop
2- Mapping
3- Award Scheme
First for the briefing workshop we had divided the participants of the community into groups and each person was given cards of 3 different color. On one card they had to write problems, on second, solutions and on third card they had to write dreams. 
They were not able to write on the cards because most of them were illiterate and few, who knew writing could not write in English, as we have to write in English to present in university. 
We asked their problems, solutions i.e who would solve the problems or who is responsible for these problems and dreams i.e what would be the condition of the community in the coming future.  
Secondly the maps of the community were drawn by the participants. These maps were of different kinds i.e activity map, land use map, hazard map, mental map and demographic map.
And at last on the basis of these two participation they were given away awards. Following is the video of the activities we had done in the field.


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