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Jun 9, 2001

Nathia Gali Abbotabad Pakistan

Nathiagali is located 34 km away from Abbottabad, easily reachable within one hour and is close to Murree,, another popular hillstation.  The nearest major airport to Nathiagali is in Islamabad. The best months for climbing are in May, June, July and August. During the summer temperatures are pleasant. From April 15th till September 15th is the monsoon season when unexpected storms and hail can bring chilly weather.

The hill resort is located in the lower Himalayan range at an altitude of 8,205 feet or 2501 m.  Walnut, Oak, and Maple trees as well as pines add to the tranquility of this serene place. Take a leisure stroll through pine forests or hike the many trails.  For the more exploratory souls take a long trek to Mushkpuri 2,800 meters high or for the even more adventuresome trek 6 to 7 hours both ways, on a path that leads to Miranjani Hill 2,960 meters high.


  1. Retreat Hotels Nathia Gali

    Summer Retreat Hotel NathiaGali
    Retreat Hotels are isolated from the busy and noisy road side to provide a calm atmosphere for a better stay. Summer Retreat is the new building of Retreat hotels Nathiagali and the former is known as Green Retreat.It consists of a total of forty rooms with everything that you need

    Green Retreat Hotel NathiaGali
    Green Retreat Nathiagali is located around the highest peak in Galliyat region ‘Miranjani’ in Nathiagali with passive environment and enchanting surroundings. The uniqueness of Hotel Retreat Nathiagali is its location in a calm environment away from the hustle bustle of cities.


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