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Jun 10, 2012

Rawal Lake / Lake view park Islamabad

Rawal Lake located on the outskirts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad is in fact one of the most beautiful places to visit in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Rawal Lake is an artificial reservoir in that fulfills the water demands for the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This artificial lake covers an area of 8.8 km². Rawal Lake is located within an isolated section of the Margalla Hills National Park.


Whether you’re interested in boating, sailing, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, finding a fantastic honeymoon destination, picnicking, hiking, or relaxing alone, or with family and friends at a place with a picturesque view, Rawal Lake has it all. Take a hike and see a panoramic view of the lake from Margallah and Murree hills. 
This lovely lake is breathtaking. Flowering trees, beautiful blooms, and lush green grass adds exquisite sceneryy to the lake.

To the west of the lake is the Islamabad Club, which offers different sporting facilities.


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