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Oct 16, 2001

Chaukundi Tombs of Karachi, Pakistan

Chaukundi is a place at a distance of 29 km from from the Karachi city. The place is famous for its peculiar kind of tombs with exquisite sandstone carvings.  
The Chaukhandi graveyard spreads over an area of two square miles and contains tombs of certain warriors of Saloch (probably Baloach) families settled in this area probably during the 17th and 18th centuries A.D. Owing to the scarcity of dated inscriptions on Chaukhandi tombs, it its difficult to assign exact dates to them. The tombs are built on raised platforms in a pyramids form with decorative stone slabs covered in relief with human and figurative designs. Most of the tombs represent family graveyards and only a few are placed under pillar canopies finished in Hindu style. The carvings on some of the male graves show a horseman with his arms; shield, sword, bow and arrow. The carvings on women’s graves represent ornaments such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets, etc. Also in case of male graves, a boss shaped projection provided at the northern end intends to hold the turban of the deceased.


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