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Oct 15, 2005

Faiz Mahal Khairpur Sindh, Pakistan

Khairpur is a district of Sindh Province in Pakistan. It has a deep history background and lot of historical and heritage sites. This district was a separate state in Indian Subcontinent and it was ruled by the Talpur Mirs during Talpur Dynasty ( 1783-1955). When India and Pakistan got partition in 1947, the Talpur Mirs opted Pakistan and became the part of Pakistan.

As this place was the city of Mirs ( Rich and Wealthy People), they built a number of monumental buildings some of which are home to the tourist, national and international. The Faiz Mahal is one of these.
The beguiling Faiz Mahal was built in 1798. This building has a unique architectural design and seems it would have been designed by a professional engineer. The look of the Mahal is so fascinating, alluring, stunning and picturesque.


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