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Oct 19, 2006

Kurrram Agency FATA, Pakistan

Kurram agency is one of the seven agencies of the FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) of Pakistan. It borders Khyber Agency  and Orakzai Agency in north, Afghanistan in northwest to southwest, KPK and North Waziristan in east. 
The agency is devided into three administrative divisions, Upper,Central and Lower Kurram Agency. Parachinar is the administrative center of the agency.

Places to visit in Kurram Agency:
Kurram agency is one of the most beautiful, stunning, breathtaking and spectacular places of Pakistan. The area is famous for its snow-capped montains, especially Kohe Safed (White Mountain), hill and mountains covered by the evergreen forests.
Parachinar, a Hidden Heaven on Earth
Parachinar is administrative center of the agency. Along with this town is famous for its snow-capped mountains. This town has been used by the Mughal Emperor ans a summer resort and and a hill station. Lot of the people from Peshawar also visit Parachinar as it remains cool and pleasant throughout the summer.

Ali Zai
This town in lower Kurram Agency is a scenic and beautiful place with mountains covered by the ever green forests. Also Kohe Safed and Kurram River raises its beauty. 

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  1. In Parachinar Mast Baba Ziarat in Zeran Qubad Shak Khel is the most beautiful place that i have never seen in the world.

    Engr Syed Qadir Hussain

  2. I think that there in Kurram Agency ,is none Sadda tow.which is the heart of kurram. Why you ignore Sadda. And why you people hesitate to write the name of Sadda town . Sadda is that part of Kurram from where whole foreign strategy is controlled.


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