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Oct 24, 2009

Hotels in Gawadar, Balochistan with Contact Details

Gawadar is the emerging and free sea port of the Pakistan. This city is included among the planned cities of Pakistan like Islamabad. As this is the international seaport and trade center of the future, therefore, a number of hotels have been established there to meet the demand of the people in present and future as well.
Following is the list of hotels with their facilities, address, the number of rooms and contact numbers. But don't forget to dial the code of the Gawadar City (086).
The charges given in the table is not final this might vary.

The following abbreviations have been used in the above table for convenience.
AB Attached Bath ISS Interpretation/Secretariat Services, AC Air-conditioned ITN Italian, ALO Airline Office J Japanese, BK Bank L Laundry Shop BS Book Shop M Music, C Continental MA Medical Attendant, CB Call Bell ME Middle Eastern CCA Credit Cards Accepted MEF Money Exchange Facility CH Chinese MCF Meeting/Conference Facility CP Children Park MR Motel and Restaurant CR Cloak Room OG Out Door Game DA Dish Antenna P Parking DS Drug Store PAK Pakistani E English PO Post Office F Fridge in Room FE Far Eastern RC Room Cooler GC Golf Course RCS Rent-A-Car Service GT Guided Tour Services RG Riding H Hotel RR Reading Room HA Heating Arrangement SP Swimming Pool HCW Hot and Cold Water T Telephone HD Hair Dresser TC Tennis Court HR Hotel and Restaurant TG Telegraph Office HS Handicrafts Shop TIC Tourist Information Centre IG Indoor Games TM Tape Music IHM In House Movies TV Television.

Oct 23, 2009

Hotels in Gilgit City Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan with Contact Detail

Gilgit is the Capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan Province and the main hub of the tourist and nature lovers. It is also the commercial center of the region being the nearest city to the China Border as Karakoram Highway passes through Gilgit City. 

How to reach by road?

If you want to visit Gilgit-Baltistan and you want to go there by road then the Gilgit city is where you would make your first entry. From here you would make your plan and disperse in different directions depending on the tourist spots you want to visit. Like if you want to visit, Hunza, Nagar, Ghizer or Astore then you can choose the mode of transport, public or private whatever you want to choose, and head towards the destination. 
You can visit the Skardu city from Gilgit as well but keep in mind that Skardu and Gilgit are two different destinations and public transport from Islamabad operate separately for both of the cities. Vehicles going to Gilgit would not go to Skardu and you need to go there by yourself if you have bought a ticket for Gilgit. It takes about 5 hours from Gilgit to Skardu and vehicles going to Skardu from Islamabad head towards Skardu without going there in Gilgit city. 

By Air travel

If you want to visit Gilgit-Baltistan then there are two options. There are two airports in Gilgit-Baltistan, one in Skardu and Gilgit each and flights from Islamabad operates daily flights to both cities. The flights are also weather dependent. 
Following is the list of hotels along with contacts. But don't forget to dial the city code of the Gilgit City ( 05811).  

The given prices are not the final but may vary. The contact details and the addresses are valid.

Hotel name and Address No of Rooms Rs. Contact
Snigle Bed Double Bed
Gilgit Serena Jutial 42 5500 8500 Tel. 55894-9
Fax 52740
Rupal Inn Shahrah-e-Quiede Azam, Khomer 55900,
44 1800-2500 2500-3000 Tel. 55471
Fax 57678
11 1500-2500 Fax 57678
Riaz Road,
Khomer Chowk
Tel. 55537
28 800 1200 Fax
Airport Road
Tel. 52,379
40 Fax 53796
River View Road,
Chinar Bagh
Tel. 53093
13 800 1000 Fax 54184,
Airport Chowk
35 350-550 550-950 Tel. 53722,
Domyal Link Road
Tel. 52,875
22 550 900 Fax
Madina Market,
Hunza Chowk
Tel. 52066
17 300 800 Fax
Aamir Market,
Airport Road
Tel. 53711
27 300 800 Fax
Sodha Plaza
Near PIA Booking Office
18 400 700 Tel. 52308
PIA Office, Airport Rd,
Tel. 52984
23 400 600 Fax
Airport Road,
14 250 400 Tel. 54168
20 400 500 Tel. 55715
Taj Madina Market
Cinema Bazar
15 400 500 Tel. 53716
Jamat Khana Bazar
Tel. 57537
11 350 500 Fax
Airport Road
11 300 500 Tel. 53828
NLI Welfare
Shopping Complex
Tel. 52334
15 400 600 Fax
Khomer, Shahrah-e-
Tel. 55545
9 350 500 Fax
Naseem Shopping
Tel. 54662
8 300 500 Fax
NLI Chowk,
Cinema Bazar
15 Tel. 52457
Naseem Shopping
Centre, Airport Road
19 Tel. 53026
Link Road, Kashrot
Tel. 54255
8 250 400 Fax
Cinema Bazar,
15 250-500 Tel. 51110
Airport Road
Tel. 58100
14 300 500 Fax
Link Road, Domyal
Tel. 53447
21 300 500 Fax
Bank Road,
Tel. 54839
8 300 500 Fax
15 300 400 Fax
Airport Road
10 350 500 Tel.
Mirza Bazar,
Tel. 52632
16 250 400 Fax
Airport Road,
19 250 350 Fax

Oct 14, 2009

Bhambor or Banbhore Sindh, Pakistan

Bhambore is an archaeological site in Sindh Province, situated at 65 km east of Karachi between Dhabeji and Gharo, on the  National Highway. It is also known as Bhambra among Khudabadi Sindh Swarankar community. It holds the remains of three civilization: the Scytho-Parthian period, Hindu-Buddhist Period, and Islamic Period. Bhambore was also an important trade route and a military post during these eras. The city was later abandoned due to a change in the Indus River's course. History also reveals that it was devastated by an earthquake in 893 AD. The young Arab warrior Muhammad Bin Qasim landed his armies in 711 AD and destroyed the castle. At the time of his invasion, the population of the Bhambore was mainly Hindu with a Buddhist minority. The city was originally the sea-port of Debal and the French Archaeologist MRS Monique Kervran confirmed in her findings that Bhambore and Deal were, in fact, two names of the same place. Bhambore had trading links between Arab and South Asian nations of the times. The ruins of the Bhambore castle can be seen covering an area of 14 acres with three gates. According to archaeologists, Bhambore influenced other civilized centers of its times. It was a hub of the trade from the 8th to 12th century AD.
Artifacts and pottery of Bhambore have also been discovered from Africa, Iran, and Central Asia. Glass-making, pottery, and coins making were common in Bhambore. Colorful glassware, glass lamps, small perfumery bottles, and beads have also been unearthed. All these various types of glassware discovered here can now be seen in the local museum. Bhambore is also famous for the folk love story of Sassi and Pannu, one of the seven tragic tales from Sindh. Sassi was the daughter of the Raja of Bhambore. Upon the birth, astrologers predicted that she was a curse for the royal family's prestige, so the Raja ordered that the child is put in a wooden box and thrown in the Indus.  A washerman of Bhambore found the box and having no child of own, he felt it was a blessing from God and decided to adopt her. As Sassi grew up, she became an extremely beautiful woman. As Bhambore laid on the trade route to Thatta, Caravans would pass through it regularly and stories of Sassi's beauty reached the young prince of Makran, Pannu. He traveled to Bhambore and in order to catch glimpse of her, he sent home of his clothes to the washer man. When Pannu visited the latter's house, he came face to face with the young girl and both fell in love at first sight. But as the prince was not from their caste, Sassi's father refused this alliance. He eventually decided to test Pannus's worth and gave him clothes that needed to be washed. While washing, the prince tore the clothes as he had never been assigned such a task. Before returning them, though, he did gold coins in their pockets, hoping this gesture would keep the villagers quite. The trick worked, and Sassi's father gave his consent to the marriage. 
Pannu's father was however against this dishonorable relationship, so the man's brother traveled to Bhambore. They first threatened Pannu but when he did not relent, they elaborated a devilish plan. They pretended to have had a  change of heart and celebrated the first wedding night of their brother with fake enthusiasm. They made him drink heavily and once he got intoxicated they carried him on a camel's back and returned to their hometown of Makran. The next morning, when Sassi realized Panuu had been cheated, she became made with the grief of separation from her lover and ran barefoot towards Makran. She crossed miles of desert and kept going on despite exhaustion and injuries, while Pannu's name was on her lips throughout the journey. She eventually got thirsty and saw a shepherd coming out of a hut. He gave her some water but, mesmerized by her beauty, dirty thoughts came to his mind and he tried to force himself on the young girl. Sassi ran away, praying to hide and to save her chastity. God granted her prayers: the land shook, split, and Sassi found herself buried in the valley. When Pannu regained consciousness in Makran, he ran back to Bhambore, calling out of his beloved. On the way, he met the shepherd who recounted him the whole story.
The prince prayed to get back to the woman he loved, and God listened to him. The hillock parted again and he too found eternal refuge in its womb, alongside Sassi. The shepherd, repentant, became the caretaker of their grave. This legendary grave still exists in the valley and can be found at Lasbela. According to myth, it is placed exactly at a spot where the lovers disappeared underground. Needless to say, it is proudly protected by the locals, who are always more than happy to narrate its story to visitors. As for the ruins of Pennu's fort they are located even further, in Turbat. 

Oct 11, 2009

Shangrila Resort Skardu Pakistan | Pictures of Shangrila Resort Skardu

Shangrila Lake or Lower Kachura Lake is a part of the Shangrila resort located at a drive of about 30 minutes from Skardu city.
It is a popular tourist destination and has a unique restaurant that is built on the fuselage of an aircraft that had crashed nearby.

Tourist can take a full sight of Skardu city in a single glance from here.  On two sides there are beautiful snowcapped mountains, and on the eastern side is the Skardu city. The Indus River, Pakistan's largest river, and Skardu-Gilgit link road pass by side. Tourist can also enjoy verities of indigenous fruits in the summer season.
The Skardu airport is also located at a distance of 20 minutes drive from the resort and the main market area of the city is a drive of about half an hour. 

Jul 21, 2009

Union Councils of Lahore with area and populatioin

Administratively Lahore consists of 9 towns and 271 Union councils (U.C) including rural as well as urban areas.

Union Councils of Lahore
U.C No. Name of U.C Town  Population Area
1 Kot Begum Ravi Town 63284 5846580 Sq. m
2 Kot Mohibbu Ravi Town 62279 820778 Sq. m
3 Aziz Colony Ravi Town 65195 758829 Sq. m
4 Faisal Park Ravi Town 61209 413775 Sq. m
5 Qaiser Town Ravi Town 61209 850457 Sq. m
6 Dhair Ravi Town 55278 1909546 Sq. m
7 Shahdara Ravi Town 55954 1585270 Sq. m
8 Jia Musa Ravi Town 65583 2542595 Sq. m
9 Qila Lachman Singh Ravi Town 50873 1524129 Sq. m
10 Fruit Mandi Ravi Town 56875 1333947 Sq. m
11 Siddique Pura Ravi Town 52083 1385968 Sq. m
12 Bangali Bagh Ravi Town 65788 1360905 Sq. m
13 Siddiqia Colony Ravi Town 73556 2082338 Sq. m
14 Bhamman Shalimar Town 55561 5065200 Sq. m
15 Bhagat Pura Shalimar Town 49727 590575 Sq. m
16 Gujjar Pura Shalimar Town 59678 3284416 Sq. m
17 Rehmat Pura Shalimar Town 60987 671097 Sq. m
18 Begum Pura Shalimar Town 59899 342734 Sq. m
19 Bhamman Shalimar Town 72129 1255883 Sq. m
20 Bilal Park Shalimar Town 63245 427974 Sq. m
21 Gujjar Pura Shalimar Town 65213 572269 Sq. m
22 Kot Khuwaja Saeed Shalimar Town 61019 834377 Sq. m
23 Shad Bagh Shalimar Town 60916 1516993 Sq. m
24 Wassan pura Shalimar Town 52822 1198222 Sq. m
25 Rehmat Pura Shalimar Town 61589 516115 Sq. m
26 Farooq Ganj Ravi Town 58263 748408 Sq. m
27 Andaroon Dehli Gate Ravi Town 60708 522618 Sq. m
28 Rang Mahal Ravi Town 64472 742748 Sq. m
29 Andaroon Bhaati Gate Ravi Town 67513 441096 Sq. m
30 Andaroon Taxali Gate Ravi Town 60535 893481 Sq. m
31 Railway Colony Gulberg Town 60357 2760859 Sq. m
32 Daras Barey Mian Gulberg Town 66334 3769780 Sq. m
33 Crown Park Shalimar Town 49504 489336 Sq. m
34 Madhu Lal Hussain Shalimar Town 50394 551766 Sq. m
35 Muhammad Colony Shalimar Town 58241 2604214 Sq. m
36 Baghban Pura Shalimar Town 58356 1314211 Sq. m
37 Muslim Abad Wagha Town 58241 1995547 Sq. m
38 Muhammad Wagha Town 54038 838531 Sq. m
39 Sultan Mahmood Wagha Town 65176 1940942 Sq. m
40 Salamatpuara Wagha Town 68168 7920580 sq. m
41 Harbanspura Aziz Bhati Town 60615 6028874 sq. m
42 Daroghawala Wagha Town 66364
43 Rashidpura Aziz Bhati Town 66087 1647289 sq. m
44 Fateh Garh Aziz Bhatti Town 50292 2623770 Sq. m
45 Nabi Pura Aziz Bhatti Town 50292 2623770 Sq. m
46 Angori Bagh Shalimar Town 52645 1055719 Sq. m
47 Mujahid Abad Shalimar Town 51037 142851 Sq. m
48 Mughal Pura Aziz Bhatti Town 52201 1255434 Sq. m
49 Lakho Dair Wagha Town 62785 13029346 sq. m
52 Munaawaan Wagha Town 58700 4274567 sq. m
54 Mian Meer Aziz Bhatti Town 52850 684389 Sq. m
55 Mustafa Abad Aziz Bhatti Town 52099 886680 Sq. m    
56 Ghazi Abad Aziz Bhatti Town 64281 730558 Sq. M
57 Taj Bagh Wagha Town 58213 2108444 Sq. m
58 Tajpura Aziz Bhatti Town 60141 1124319 Sq. m
59 Al-Faisal Town Aziz Bhatti Town 50251 991298 Sq. m
60 Guldasht Colony Aziz Bhatti Town 70182 4259310 Sq. m
61 Bhangali Wahga Town 65392 44913186 Sq. m
63 Kamahan Nishtar Town 60319 39834294 Sq. m
67 Kasur Pura Data Gung Buksh 68631 2565209 Sq. m
68 Ameen Pura Data Gung Buksh 61951 815703 Sq. m
69 Kareem Park Data Gung Buksh 56166 2855445 Sq. m
70 Ganj Kalan Data Gung Buksh 66331 1675962 Sq. m
71 Bilal Gunj Data Gung Buksh 72590 1270041 Sq. m
72 Anar Kali Data Gung Buksh 56607 2040312 Sq. m
73 Gwalmandi Data Gung Buksh 60198 876483 Sq. m
74 Sare Sultan Data Gung Buksh 68066 961883 Sq. m
75 Bibi Pakdaaman Gulberg Town 64094 1197713 Sq. m
76 Ghari Shahu Gulberg Town 52166 705333 Sq. m
77 Qila Gujjar Sing Data Gung Buksh 52549 2407367 Sq.m
78 Race Course Data Gung Buksh 55208 5236804 Sq. m
79 Mozang Data Gung Buksh 72475 1441736 Sq.m
80 Jinnah Hall Data Gung Buksh 66441 1596321 Sq. m
81 Rizwan Garden Data Gung Buksh 51128 522233 Sq. m
82 Islam Pura Data Gung Buksh 62950 286981 Sq. m
83 Chohan Park Data Gung Buksh 64248 1878154 Sq. m
84 Abu Bakar Siddique Saman Abad 56236 2172007 Sq.m
85 Sanda Kalan Data Gung Buksh 61666 1765375 Sq. m
86 Sanda Khurd Data Gung Buksh 64609 814828 Sq. m
87 Shamnagar Saman Abad 65980 1675747 Sq. m
88 Gulgasht Colony Saman Abad 53745 2172008 Sq. m
89 Gulshan-e-Ravi Saman Abad 57665 1267517 Sq. m
90 Babu Sabu Data Gung Buksh 52099 984767 Sq. m
91 Rizwan Park Saman Abad 60716 705333 Sq. m
92 Sodiwal Saman Abad 50134 666427 Sq. m
93 Bhawqalpur  House Saman Abad 47843 1604571 Sq. m
94 Shadman Data Gung Buksh 59316 2280151 Sq. m
95 Al-Hamra Gulberg Town 56839 6704152 Sq. m
96 Zaman Park Gulberg Town 63141 2905146 Sq.m
97 Gulberg Gulberg Town 67020 3563770 Sq. m
98 Makkah Colony Gulberg Town 61101 1896473 Sq. m
99 Naseer Abad Gulberg Town 58282 3242110 Sq. m
100 Ichhra Saman Abad 53888 783942 Sq. m
101 NewSaman Abad Saman Abad 63883 602123 Sq. m
102 Shah Kamal Saman Abad 63883 602123 Sq. m
103 Pakki Thathi Saman Abad 66052 1025850 Sq. m
104 Kashmir Block Saman Abad 71209 2282400 Sq.m
105 Nawan Kot Saman Abad 72831 1217988 Sq. m
106 Samanabad Saman Abad 56823 1573223 Sq. m
107 Rehman Pura Saman Abad 62019 1271220 Sq. m
108 Gulshan e Iqbal Saman Abad 68716 2144008 Sq. m
109 Sikander Block Samanabad Town 67875 5472522 Sq. m
110 Awan Twon Allama Iqbal 59090 1689006 Sq.m
111 Said Pur Allama Iqbal 54886 992227 Sq.m
112 Sabza Zar Allama Iqbal 49745 5605138 Sq.m
113 Dallowal Allama Iqbal 65046 784846 Sq.m
114 Bakar Mandi Allama Iqbal 51301 1235169 Sq. m
115 Muslim Town Saman Abad 54734 6885012 Sq. m
116 Johar Town Allama Iqbal 68512 8837648 Sq. m
117 Hanjarwal Allama Iqbal 69849 15546667 Sq. m
118 Niaz Baig Allama Iqbal 70025 14269063 Sq. m
119 Shah Pur Allama Iqbal 56869 26137946 Sq. m
120 Al Raza Abad Allama Iqbal 60166 34006151 Sq. m
121 Chung Allama Iqbal 55010 19548796 Sq. m
122 Maraka Allama Iqbal 57572 82376621 Sq.m
126 Garden Town Gulberg Town 64077 4153459 Sq. m
127 Model town Gulberg Town 52596 6171848 Sq. m
128 Faisal Town Gulberg Town 51657 2148146 Sq. m
129 Liaqat Abad Gulberg Town 64864 944509 Sq. m
130 Kot Lakh Pat Gulberg Town 53671 1650753 Sq. m
131 Pindi Rajputan Gulberg Town 63218 1297732 Sq. m
132 Township Allama Iqbal 65630 2970025 Sq. m
133 Township Allama Iqbal 55212 4060270 Sq.m
134 Boston Colony Nishtar Town 58812 424257 Sq.m
135 Ismail Nagar Nishtar Town 53808 1618816 Sq.m
136 Sittara Colony Nishtar Town 54262 987206 Sq. m
137 Farid Colony Nishtar Town 53644 2497501 Sq. m
138 Keer Kalan Nishtar Town 57676 826625 Sq. m
139 Green Town Nishtar Town 69296 1121137 Sq. m
140 Ismail Nagar Nishtar Town 63891
141 Atari Saroba Nishtar Town 62796 8357397 Sq. m
142 Dhullo Khurd Kalan Nishtar Town 62747
143 Chandarai Naagar Nishtar Town 34402 12298033 Sq.m
144 Halloke  Nishtar Town 65069 64955193 Sq.m
145 Khana Nau Nishtar Town 56568 19136231 Sq. m
146 Kahna Nau Nishtar Town 60307 15517699 Sq. m