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Mar 8, 2009

Gilgit city | | Top 10 places to visit in Gilgit city Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Where is Gilgit city located? 

Gilgit city is the administrative and political center of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan in the northern territory bordering the countries China, India, and Afghanistan. The Gilgit city is located about 600 kilometers north of the Islamabad city.
The city has been an important city in earlier history too because the historically important Silk Route (Karakorum Highway now)  passes through this city. But the city is not so famous as a trade center, rather the city is known as one of the most visited cities of Pakistan in the summer due to its alluring and spectacular beauty.

Why you should visit Gilgit?

We would say, if you haven't been in Gilgit and the places around the Gilgit city, then you haven't enjoyed the nature in its purest form. The best thing to visiting the Gilgit city is that you can enjoy a range of tourist spots with a plethora of options and easier accessibility. For instance, you want to visit a city where you can find spectacular lakes, lush green valleys, glaciers, and forts. But in most of the cases, it would be difficult to find all kind of spots in or around a single city, being here in Gilgit city you would find all these in and around the Gilgit city and in just one visit you can enjoy a plethora of tourist destinations. 
From Gilgit, you can visit crystal clear freshwater lakes, lush green valleys covered by a range of species, centuries-old forts, glaciers, rock carvings and base camps of world's highest mountains in just a day tour. 

Another Advantage

In addition, the city is the main hub of the tourist because everyone who visits Gilgit-Baltistan first reaches here. From here one can head in different directions i.e Skardu, Hunza, Astore Ghizer and Diamer. 

Gilgit city: Downtown and Gilgit River

How to reach Gilgit City?

Gilgit city can be accessed from Islamabad by air or by road. By air, it takes 45 minutes to one hour but by road, it takes about 18-20 hours. By air is time-saving but by road is enjoyable because departing from Islamabad to Gilgit city one has to follow the Karakorum Highway (known as the 8th wonder of the world) which passing from the spectacular and beautiful places of the KPK province hugs the land of mountains, Gilgit-Baltistan. If you want to make the trip by road you can visit the "By Road" section and if you want to make "By Air Journey" then it is up to you. 

Places to visit in round trip

If you have visited Gilgit city or you are planning to visit the city then certainly you would be curious in finding the places easily accessible and with a splendid beauty which could make your trip memorable. Here we are going to list the places which you can visit in a round trip and you don't need to worry about your stay issues because you can return to your restaurant in the Gilgit city from these marvelous places.
If you want to go in detail, just click on the titles and you would find every possible detail about the place in the post. 

Nagar Valley

Mar 6, 2009

Skardu City Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan, Top Places to visit in Skardu City

Skardu city is the administrative center of the Baltistan Division in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The name Skardu is derived from the Tibetan language which means, "Star Stone". The inhabitants of the region speak Balti, a Tibetan language which is also spoken in Tibet, Kargil and Ladakh regions of China and India. The district consists of four sub-divisions, main city area, Gamba Skardu, Hussainabad and Roundu.

Indus river passing from Skardu in autmn

In term of tourism Skardu city is the main hub of the tourist, trekkers and nature lovers. The city is spectacular, beautiful and breathtaking surrounded by the goldish peaks of the Karakorum and Himalaya ranges which is covered by the snow in the winter.
From the Skardu City one can visit the worlds highest peaks and plains of the world. One can easily visit number of spectacular and picturesque lakes, forts, resorts and waterfalls which are in vicinity of Skardu city at a distance of half to two hours drive.
Following are the tourist places which are at a distance of half to two hour drive in vicinity of the city. One can return to the Skardu city after visiting these panoramic plaec in one day.

Shangrilla Resort

Manthokha Waterfall

Kharpocho Fort

Shigar Fort

Satpara Lake

Upper Kachura Lake

Sheosare Lake Deosai Plains

Deosai Plains

These are the places which are at some far distances and takes few days.

Gashebrum I

Gahembrum II

Broad Peak

Gondogoro Pass