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Sep 29, 2011

Ansoo Lake KPK, Pakistan

Located in the Mansehra District, Kaghan valley Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, this lake is considered among the most beautiful lakes in the world. The lake is near the Malika Parbat of the Himalayan range mountain. The name, Ansoo, has come from the Urdu language, because of its resemblance with the human eye. The lake totally resembles the human eye, with central ice island similar to iris and a ridge resembling the eyebrow. It is commonly said that this lake was first discovered by a pilot of Pakistan's Air Force flying above the mountain, even the local didn't know about this before.
It takes about 7-9 hours to reach this lake from Ansoo Lake. While stepping up to this lake a hill summit comes in the way presenting a photographic place.


  1. this is pyala lake not ansoo lake


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