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Nov 23, 2012

How to withdraw money by wired withdrawal in Pakistan | | How to withdraw money from

You would have been searching the web in a crazy way and landed on this website because I myself have gone through this situation. There are the dozen and even hundreds of sites on this issue and none focus on the issue and the procedure of the money withdrawal. As  in other countries, there are many ways to withdraw money, but unfortunately, in Pakistan, we are restricted to only two ways i.e. through Payoneer or through Wired Withdrawal.
My odyssey of withdrawal is very concerning and of course interesting. It was about a month and I had made it to $50 and I wanted to withdraw the money. Upon searching for the ways I came to know that I need Payoneer to withdraw such a nominal amount or I should wait until I made it to $500 for wired withdrawal. I applied for the Payoneer and started counting the days. The day I applied for the Payoneer a message prompted in my Gmail reading: “We are pleased to inform you that your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card was shipped via Regular Mail. Your card is estimated to arrive between DD MM 2016 and DD MM 2016.  My card was already destined to Palau and I was here in Karachi waiting for my card to be delivered to me. The day, one and half month was elapsed, a mail pinged me reading: “Dear customer we noticed that you have not activated your card yet, please activate it and once it is activated you can order Payment from all over the world”. I was surprised, I hadn’t received the card yet, and how could I activate the card yet to be received. I instantly checked the Payoneer account and came to know that I had mistakenly marked my shipping address country as Palau, which I had never heard of. Have you ever heard of a county Palau? I’m sure you haven’t. Upon searching the web I came to know that it is an Island country in Oceania.   
I started sending emails to the Payoneer customer care regularly, but I never got a reply except for the taped messages which would appear in my Gmail the moment I send them my regards.
Meanwhile, I upheld the work on and within a month I made it not only to $500 but to $700.  I made through the “Identity Verification”, it wasn’t less than a headache. I am not a Karachhite, but they were demanding any utility bill in my name, in short, I made a deal with them and I got my identity verified. I submitted my amount for withdrawal and again an email prompted reading that the first withdrawal is delayed for 15 days due to security reasons, there was no another way, and I waited and again started counting the days. Fifteen days elapsed, the amount submitted was deducted from my Freelancer account, but I didn’t receive in my local bank account. I called the phone banking customer care center, two to three times, but every time their reply would be different and a new issue would arise. On the 12th day the amount was deducted from my freelancer account, the person on the other end said, “The amount is transferred to your account, but you need to confirm it from the bank where you have created your account”. I contacted the bank where was my account and by 7 PM the amount was in my account.
In overall, it took about 27 days for my first withdrawal. For new Freelancers here are few pieces of advice. If you are determined to work on and you are serious and want earn and receive the money as soon as possible consider the following points.
  • Verify your identity the day you become a member of
  • Apply for the Payoneer card on the first day
  • Be in contact with the phone banking officers and the bank where you have your account.

Never stop work waiting for the amount to be received, continue your work, your money would be in your account one day. It happened to me, at a stage I was about to quit the and I was thinking that it is a scam, but I didn’t and continued the work. Today I have received 70,000 PKR and I am writing this to put a few words of advice for new freelancers. In overall, it cost me 6000 PKR for overall withdrawal. I think it is very reasonable to receive amounts from a foreign country in a foreign currency charging only 6,000PKR.