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Dec 6, 2013

Pir Sohawa Margalla Hills, Islamabad

The best place to visit in Islamabad 

If you have been there in Islamabad and you haven't visited Pir Sohawa than you haven't enjoyed the real beauty of Islamabad. Encircled by the lush green wood, Pir Sohawa is actually the face and identification of Islamabad. But if you haven't visited the place, it is not a big deal because it is not 100 miles away, you can visit within hours because it is just 20 kilometers uphill from the 7th Avenue of Islamabad. 

How to reach there? 

If you are anywhere in Islamabad or Rawalpindi and you want to visit this spectacular place, you just need to drive towards the 7th avenue, if you are driving or coming from any direction of the city because where the 7th avenue road ends in the foothill of Margalla hills, the road to the Pir Sohawa starts. The 7th Avenue is a trunk road which bisects the G and F blocks of Islamabad. 
Once you have reached the end of 7th Avenue you will follow a  zigzag track uphill towards your destination. While on the way you can visit the Islamabad Zoo which is at the start of the Pir Sohawa road and the spectacular Daman-e-Koh which is few kilometers uphill from the Zoo on the way of Pir Sohawa. 
Driving through the hairpin turns into a lush green breathtaking hilly area having the scenic view of Islamabad is experience in itself. 

What to do? 

This place is perfect for many things. If you want to enjoy hiking that is best to have here because the scenic place has a number of trails spread over kilometers especially designed for hikers having rest places at intervals. 
If you want to experience fine dining that is another best thing you can do because you would have choices of a wide variety of tasty dishes. 

The scenic view of Islamabad

Actually, the resort is famous for the scenic view of Islamabad which you can have any time without any payment. If you want to have a birds eye view of Islamabad try to sit outside and while having your dishes you can enjoy the spectacular bird-eye view of Islamabad. Many people have different opinions about the view of Islamabad from the top at night or day but our suggestion is having the view at day is better because at night time it would pretty much look like any other city. During the day you would be able to explore every nook and cranny of Islamabad. During the night it would be beautiful but you would just find the shining lights everywhere and you wouldn't be able to have a fine look at the city's natural beauty.  

The Monal Restaurant

This restaurant is what the identification of the Pir Sohawa. This is the restaurant which will serve you delicious dishes along with the chance to have a stunning bird's eye view of Islamabad city. Sitting outside and enjoying your foods is a treat from the Monal for you. It is one of the best restaurants in Islamabad serving the tasty and quality food providing you lot of food options. It is the perfect place to enjoy peace and scenery away from the hustle of the city.

Other benefits

It gives you the chance to kill two birds with one stone, means you can visit some amazing and picturesque tourist spots in a single visit because all three spots are on the same route. Like you can visit Islamabad Zoo on the way which is just at the start of the track uphill. Few kilometers uphill you would find another tourist destination know as Daman-e-Koh which is another best place to enjoy the amazing view of Islamabad from somehow low altitude. 

View of Islamabad City from Pir Sohawa


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