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Jul 28, 2014

Name of cities along the Karakorum Highway from Islamabad to Kashgar China

The Karakoram Highway (KKH) is the highest international paved road which connects the Pakistan and China, passing from Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) to the Kashgar city of China which is located in the Xinjiang Province of China covering a length of 1300 km.

Why should you experience a road journey on KKH? 

Well, by road journey, is the best way to explore any geographical locality and region while getting new experiences and getting in touch with different people and their cultures. When you travel by land, you not only sight new places, it gives you the chance to explore the people, their culture, living style their hospitality and generosity, and appearances as well. When the journey is long and the road passes through many areas having different cultures, different landscapes, and different people, the journey becomes more memorable and exciting.  
Karakoram Highway is one of such roads in the world which connects countries, cultures, people and regions. It is not only the landscape which changes every mile, the culture of people, living styles, their appearance, and the manners of people also change. 
When you start the journey from the capital of Pakistan, the KKH will be about 60 kilometers away and once you are in Hassan Abdal you will be on the KKH moving towards the land of peaks, Gilgit-Baltistan. Well, when you start the journey the landscape will be plain and the people will be of the Punjabi origin (People who speak Punjabi language and have dark skin mostly). You would see fertile farms spanned over miles and there would be great rush on KKH.
When you move further you would enter the province of KPK and there wouldn’t be significant change in landscape until the Abbotabad city. From Abbotabad onward the landscape would be somehow hilly and these mountains will be lush green will evergreen forests. When you enter the KPK province while moving on KKH, the region will be the Hazara region until the end of Manshera (Hazara are those people who speak Hindko and have fair skin). These regions are beautiful and some of the most beautiful resorts and tourist spots are in this region. Although, if you want to visit these areas you would need to deviate from the KKH.
When you move further upwards you would be passing though thickly wooded and green carpeted regions of KPK like Chattar Plan, Batgram and Thakot etc. The people in these regions are Pakhtun (people who speak Pashto and have fair skin). While passing through these areas sometimes the vehicles will pass through thick woods and you will observe like you have lost in the wood. The breathtaking sceneries and picturesque areas will give you an amazing and memorable experience.
The more you will move upward towards the Gilgit-Baltistan the landscape will be having a shift and the green mountains covered by the forest will be disappearing and new kinds of mountains having different outlooks will be there on the way. When you will be passing through the last areas of KPK like Besham and Kohistan the area will be having little forest on it and once you enter the boundary of Gilgit-Baltistan the mountains will be bald, though they will be of high in altitude.
Once you have entered the region of Gilit-Baltistan the KKH will be following every twist and turn of the Indus River and the road will be passing through the vast ravines. You will see number of streams, small sandy plains, and the road will be crafted through the Rocky Mountains. This kind of landscape will be continued until the end of Hunza valley. When you will be entering the last region of Pakistan i.e. Gojal area of the Hunza District the landscape will be almost same but the narrow ravines will now somehow change into broader gorges until you reach the Pakistan and China Border at the Khunjrab Pass.  From Khunjrab pass the area will be hilly up to some point and you will enter a vast desert before reaching the city of Kashgar. The Kashgar city will be the last stop and the end of the KKh in China.

While traveling to China from Islamabad to Kashgar one can see the following spectacular, breathtaking and picturesque places.
Taxila Punjab

Hasan Abdal KPK
Cadet College Hassan Abdal

Haripur KPK

Abbottabad KPK

Mansehra KPK

Valley of Battal

Battagram KPK

Chattar Plain

Thakot KPK

Youi Bridge on Indus River on KKH

Besham KPK

Dasu Kohistan KPK

Chilas Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit city GB

 Nagar GB

Hunza GB

Attabad Lake along KKH Hunza GB

Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China Border)

Kashgar China 

Jul 27, 2014

Besham City KPK

Besham is small and a beautiful town located in  District Shangla, KPK, Pakistan. Although the city is not a big city in term of the area but due to its geographical location, the city has got popularity.
The Karakoram Highway which connects Pakistan with China passes from this city. Another unique feature of the city is; it is the only city in Pakistan whose shops and restaurants are remained open for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Even at 3 AM, you will find people walking and doing business on the Karakoram highway, all the shops, hotels, motels, and restaurants are along the KKH transecting the city from south to north. 

The shops of the city are famous for the indigenous and Chinese products. In summer the city is visited by the hundred of thousands of local and international visitors heading to Gilgit-Baltistan and China. One can visit the beautiful Swat Valley from this panoramic city.
Vehicles going ahead to Gilgit-Baltistan make a stop at the Besham city. You can find different kinds of hotels and restaurants providing ranging services depending on the charges. The Indus River flows downstream bisecting the city's two sides.  A stream flowing down from the Swat area falls in the Indus Rive at the Besham City bisecting the two parts of the bazaar. The two sides of the bazaar are connected by an RCC bridge on the stream. 

Jul 24, 2014

Hotels in Hunza Giligt-Baltistan with contact detail I I Contact numbers of hotels in Hunza

Hunza valley is one of the most beautiful and marvelous areas of Pakistan which welcomes the tourist, international and domestic, all the round year. Hunza valley is not only known in Pakistan but the serene and sublime beauty of the valley has made the valley an international tourist spot. Whether it is mountain climbing, hiking, glacier tour, cultural festivals or enjoying the historical buildings rich in architecture, Hunza will provide you the chance to do all the at the same place. 

In Hunza valley you will never face any difficulty in choosing the hotels, you will have your own choice of hotels. Hotels in Hunza provide regional, national and international kinds of cuisines and hotels are equipped with all modern and digital kinds of facilities. You will not only enjoy the hotels' indoor and outdoor facilities but the breathtaking scenery of the valley amidst the rocky towering mountains as well. 
Following is the list of hotels in Hunza Valley with contact numbers and addresses. But don't forget to dial the code of the area 05813 for reservation purposes. Keep in mind, the prices are not final and might vary.

Hotel name and Address No of Rooms Tariff (Rs.) Contact
Snigle  Double 
40 6000 9000 Tel. 57105-57241
Fax 57106
20 3000 4500 Tel. 58191
Fax 57012
HUNZA EMBASSY, 42 2500 4000 Tel. 57002
Fax 57132
Duikar, Alitit
22 2000   3000 Tel. 58274, 57074
2000       Fax
20 2000 3000 Tel. 50229
INN Gulmit,
30 2000 Tel. 50227
3000 Fax
HUNZA VIEW 32 2000 3000 Tel. 57141-6
Karimabad Fax 57141
12 1000 1600 Tel. 50254
Gulmit Upper Hunza,
20 1000 1600 Tel. 50417
25 1000 1400 Tel. 57129
Gulmit Nagar 2
10 1000 Tel. 52984
1400 Fax
Ganish, Karimabad
6 1000 1400 Tel. 57156
8 600 1200 Tel. 55715
14 700 1200 Tel. 57,087
8 800 1000 Tel. 57153
HOUSE , Gulmit
10  800 Tel. 50226
1000 Fax
18 1000 Tel. 57095,
Fax 57200
10 500 1000 Tel. 57091
5 500 800 Tel. 55202
6 500 800 Tel. 55156
7 600 Tel. 57325
900 Fax
16 600 900 Tel.
Fort Road, Karimabad
5 400 800 Tel. 57137
AL-RAHIM 5 600 Tel. 50339
Ghulkan, Gulmit Fax
10 500 800 Tel. 57186
6 800 Tel. 57123
5 400 800 Tel. 53602

Jul 20, 2014

PAF Museum, Karachi

If you have visited the Karachi city or you are a resident of Karachi then you must be wondering what are the beautiful and picturesque places to spend your precious moments with friends and family and get familiar with the unique places in Karachi. Well, there are a lot of places to visit in Karachi, you can enjoy the sun-kissed beaches, colonial-era historical buildings, and breathtaking parks. But PAF museum is one of the most visited places and you shouldn't miss the place when you are in Karachi.

PAF Museum is of the marvelous,  and beautifully landscaped parks, which is studded with historical antiquities and models of aircraft used in the previous Pak-Indo wars and even from the world war.  The park is located near Karsaz Flyover on Shahra-e-Faisal.  Major fighter aircraft have been displayed in the green park that has been used by the Pakistan Air Force. The Vickers VC.1 Viking used by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan is displayed in the museum. Folland Gnat an Indian Aircraft, landed by Pakistan Air Forse in Pasrur in 1965 war is also displayed in the museum.

The Folland Gnat an Indian Aircraft 

Jul 16, 2014

Hotels in Chitral Valley KPK with contact detail

Chitral is the place which is not only famous for its marvelous and beautiful areas but for the culture and beauty of the people as well. Chitral is where you would find Kalash people who are famous all over the world for their unique cultural traits in general and in Pakistan for particular. In Chitral, you would find beauty in nature and beauty in people, not only beauty but their generosity, socialness will amaze you. In the past, when there were very few number of hotels people would invite the tourist to their home and pay them respect and service as a guest, which prevailed for a long time. But now due to the attention of the government and private sector the region has well furnished and equipped hotels with all kind of indoor and outdoor facilities. 

Following is the list of the hotels in Chitral Valley with contact and address details:
But don't forget to dial the code of the Chitral 0943. Also, keep in mind the prices might vary, the data has been collected by a survey and there could be up and downs in tariffs.

Hotel name and Address No of Rooms Tariff (Rs.) Contact
Snigle  Double 
HINDUKUSH HEIGHTS 24 4000 5000 Tel. 413151, 486101
 Gankorini,  Fax: 413153
CHITRAL MOUNTAIN  7 1400 2000 Tel. 412800,412781, 412581 
INN Ataligh Bazaar Fax: 412668
TERICHMIR VIEW 36 1500 2500 Tel.  412911, 414545-7 
Shahi Masjid Road Fax: 414548
PAMEER RIVER SIDE INN Noghar Gardens  16 1000- 2500   1200 3000 Tel. :412525, 414125 
Fax 413365
DREAMLAND Airport Road 16 350 600 Tel. 412806
Fax 412615
CHITRAL CITY TOWER Shahi Masjid Road 18 300 500 Tel. 412912
CHINAR INN Shahi Bazar 9 500- Tel. 412,582
1000 Fax 412582
TOURIST LODGE Shahi Masjid Road 16 650 Tel. 412452
CHITRAL RIVER VIEW Chew Bridge, Danin 10 400- Tel. 413416
800 Fax
FRIENDS, Chew Bridge, Danin . 7 400- Tel. 412123
THREE STAR Airport Road, New Bazar 12 300- 500- Tel. 413757
500 700 Fax
SAVANA Shahi Masjid Road 31 350- 400- Tel. 412294
550 600
AL-FAROOQ New Bazaar 10 400 600 Tel. 412726
SUMMER LAND Airport Road 7 400- Tel. 412337
600 Fax
MOUNTAIN VIEW New Bazar 18 600 Tel. 412559
LUXURY Shahi Masjid Road, 10 500 Tel. 412669
INJGAN Shahi Masjid Road 12 400 800 Tel. 413656