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Dec 28, 2014

Hiran Minar Shiekhupura near Lahore | | Places to visit in Shiekhupura

Hiran Minar is one of the most spectacular and beautiful monuments of the Mughal era constructed by the Emperor Jahangir for his pet deer named, Mansraj. The structure consists of a large square shape water tank which surrounds the octagonal pavilion in the center. The minaret is connected with the pavilion by the causeway.
If you are in Lahore or around then you shouldn't miss the chance to visit the Hiran Minar.  It would take a maximum of 2 hours to reach there from Lahore and once you are there, you would enjoy the classic architecture of Mughal Era. Once you are on the site the best thing is to go there at the pavilion in the center and have a look at the majestic lake and the walls around the lake. The causeway will lead you to the pavilion in center. Even you can go downstairs of the pavilion and touch the water, there are stairs from the pavilion to all sides down the water surface.
You can enjoy the board riding in the lake as well. Around the lake and the minaret, there is thick forest which is home to the local species of birds and some animals. Besides the minaret, there is a sign board on which the history of the minaret construction and why did Jahangir construct the minaret and the lake is given. 


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