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Dec 28, 2014

Thatta District of Sindh | | Thatta city | | Places to visit in Thatta

If you want to enjoy the ancient cultural remnants, historical buildings then Sindh province is where you would find many of these. Sindh has been one of the oldest living sites of the world where once the Indus valley civilization flourished and set an example of oldest planned cities of the world. 
Later during the Mughal era, the kings and the local tribal heads constructed marvelous forts and many other kinds of public buildings which were unique in their architecture and they employed a unique kind of calligraphic inscriptions and decoration on the buildings which are known as the prominent feature of the regional architectural style. 
Thatta is the capital of Thatta District located in the southeast of Sindh Province, Pakistan. It is far and more than100 kilometers away from the Karachi city and almost at the same distance from Hyderabad. It is among the top most ancient cities of Pakistan.

Tourist points include Shah Jahan Mosque, Makli Hills, and the tomb of Jam Nizamuddin.
The Tomb of Isa Khan Tarkhan II. He was the person who defeated Arghuns in 1555.

Shah Jahan Mosque Thatta Sindh.

Inner View of Shah Jahan Mosque, the combination of Turkish and local artwork


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