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Feb 3, 2015

Become part of Travel Pakistan | | How to improve tourism in Pakistan

Over the time we received lots of request from many people showing the interest to write for us and become part of “Travel Pakistan’s Family”. They requested us to disclose the procedure to join us and it was difficult to deal every person separately so we thought of putting the procedure and policies here so you can join as keeping all the requisites in mind.

Deosai Plains Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

We thank all of those people who wanted or want to join us. We welcome you with open hearts and laud your interest to improve the image of Pakistan. As we know that Pakistan is blessed with all kind of landforms, from golden sunkissed beaches to the towering Rocky Mountains and deserts to the world’s highest plains, the only thing we need is the right projection of these places. Pakistan is no more homes to the terrorist outfits and guerilla zealots; it is a safe country where one can enjoy the nature in its purest form.  It's spectacular mountains and world's highest plains up in the north, Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK, are the places where you can enjoy your holidays in summer. It's green carpeted hills, resorts and lakes in the KPK are places where you can go all over the year, in summer you can enjoy the blooming mountains and in winter you can enjoy snowfall. In Punjab, you can enjoy the historical buildings, sites and of course snow fall in Muree and Soon Sakesar valley in winter. In Baluchistan, you can enjoy the nature in the form of deserts and beaches. In Sindh, you can enjoy the historical buildings, centuries-old historical sites, beaches, and lakes. So what isn’t here in Pakistan to enjoy? The only thing is you need to let the people know about the places and guide them the better way to enjoy the pristine beauty of Pakistan.
Our aim is to project the Pakistan in a better way; this is only possible with your cooperation and determination. You can send us your writing directly or you can become our member to contribute your part to this effort. Tell the people about your place, whether it is a small valley or hamlet because if there is a landmark which worth visit then you must tell others. In most of the cases in Pakistan there are such places having splendid and mesmerizing beauty but due to non-availability of the information, those places are left hidden of tourists eyes. If you think your valley, hamlet, or city has a landmark which has picturesque beauty and you want to let other people know about it then you can send us about the place, we'll be eager in publishing your contribution. If you want to send your writing about any place keep these things in mind. Write the post in a readable and concise way and there should be a high-resolution picture of the place (if you want to share more than one picture than it is better) which you want to publish in the post. In the picture the focus should be the place, not you, your friends or family, we don’t publish memoirs or blogs.

Our Policies

  • We publish the fresh content and don't accept the contents just copied from another website.
  • We always publish the posts based on fact and figures instead of fiction and fabrication to attract the visitors or to lure them.
  •  We don't like the writers who start writing without any research. For instance, there are dozens and dozens of websites where they have published the picture of a lake from Gilgit-Baltistan and the description is on a lake in Naran Kaghan. Similarly, people start writing just grabbing the ideas from websites which are not trustworthy and credible and their goal is to attract more and more visitors by putting the SEO friendly words. 
  • We don't publicize or promote any business, but for the facilitation and to encourage the writers we publish the name of the author.
So, if you agree with these rules then you are most welcomed. You can send your work directly or you can contact us for more details.

Team Travel Pakistan



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