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Oct 21, 2015

Top 5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir is known as heaven on earth. The panoramic valleys covered by evergreen forest, freshwater lakes, hundred of breathtaking streams and charming snowfall in winter really makes it part of heaven. If you want to witness the wilderness and serene beauty of nature in its purest form then Kashmir is the place you should visit. Its lakes of tranquil blue water reflecting the blue sky surrounded by the thick evergreen woods would mesmerize you in summer. Its heavily forested peaks with tracks for hiking and lush green grasslands with blooming flowers will welcome you with the fragrance of indigenous flowers. Its centuries old historical buildings will be the spots where you would find the marvel of ancient architecture which they have erected without any aid of scientific equipment. In fact, Kashmir is where you could enjoy all kinds of tourism if you are at vacation with your friend, family, or your fiance, this place should be your ultimate choice.

We have compiled top five beautiful places to visit here at the same page for the convenience of the visitors. 
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                                                                  Neelum Valley

Tau Butt Neelum Valley

Gagai, Naeelum Valley 

Top 10 most beautiful places to visit in KPK, Pakistan

What are the places to visit in KPK?

If you are wondering what are the beautiful and mesmerizing places in KPK to spend your vacations or you want to visit the area with your family or friends then we are going to tell you that there are countless picturesque and serene landscapes in KPK to visit and once in life you must visit these areas. These are actually the part of the heaven where you would find a relief to your souls.
The best thing about the places in KPK is, they are accessible all round the year and provide the visitors the chance to visit the places according to their choices. For instance, if you like snow and you want to enjoy skiing or snow fighting then you can visit the Malam Jabba in winter where there is the international standard Skiing camp and trail. If you want the enjoy the hiking and tour via cable cars then you can visit the Ayubia. If you want to have the sight of crystal clear lakes then you can visit the Naran Kaghan valley. There are varying kinds of landscape and you can enjoy different kinds of tourist spots in different seasons.

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Mahodand Lake Swat

Oct 19, 2015

Top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Giligit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Are you planning to visit Gilgit-Baltistan this season and you are not sure what are the top places to visit, you don't need to be anxious,  we are here to guide you.
Gilgit-Baltisatn region is not only known because of K-2 or Nanga Parbat but in fact the region is where you can find almost all kinds of tourism depending on the seasons.
Before picking a tourist spot you must know that the places are season bound, you can visit the places all the round year but you wouldn't enjoy the way you should, therefore you must keep these things in mind. Actually the region has varying landscapes where you can enjoy skiing in winter to the fishing in summer and Jeep rally in desert to the mountain climbing. 

Summer season

The most favorable season to visit the region is summer i.e. from start of June to end of August in which you can visit every nook and cranny of GB. Whether you want to climb K-2 or visit Deosai Plains of Skardu, this season is the best. In winter almost entire of the region is covered by snow, especially the regions where K-2 and Deosai is located receives about 8-10 feet of snow and util the end of May these areas are not accessible at all. Other areas like Shangrilal Resort and historical building will be open and accessible if you arrive even before the May, but it would be better to visit in May or later. 

Spring Season 

The spring season in Gilgit-Baltistan spans over months. Spring in warm regions like Chilas and Gilgit starts in February and in remote areas of Baltistan region it is not until the  mid of April. During spring season  the cherry and apricot blossom would be the best to enjoy. It would be better to visit the region from mid March to Mid of April because during this season the blossom would be on peak and if you are visiting the Skardu region it would be the season of Noroz Festival (21st March). The region would be covered by the off white and pink flowers of cherry and apricot presenting picturesque and breathtaking view.  

Autumn season 

If you haven't witness the color of GB in autumn then you haven't experience the autumn in its purest form. The shedding of yellow, orange and red leaves from different species of trees and especially the giant eucalyptus trees would be the best scene to observe. The region would look like you have landed in a garden where there are different kinds of flowers on  peak bloom. 

Winter season 

In winter though the region is covered by snow and most of the places remains stranded but it is not like you cant visit the areas in winter. You can visit Gilgit and Skardu by air to witness the snowfall. The "Skiing Championship" is held in Naltar valley in Gilgit by the Pakistan Air force where you can enjoy skiing. Naltar valley has an international level skiing track and you can enjoy the cable cars as well. 
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Shangrilla Resort in Skardu

Fairy Meadows in Diamer

Nanga Parbat ( 9th highest peak in the world)

Naltar Ski Resort

Deosai National Park Skardu

Shandoor Top / Shandoor Polo Ground

Baltit Fort Hunza


Manthokha Waterfall Skardu

Passu Hunza